KR Baby is a private brand under KR Juvenile Products. “KR” is short f or Germany“ Kleine Reisenden”, meaning“ the little traveller”. KR, a brand jointly developed by top European and Chinese teams, provides a full range of baby products ( 0-6 years old). It includes several trademarks including KR, KR Baby and KR Care. KR Baby is meant to be the one-stop store for parenting products and services.

``We inspire parents``

Bringing up our childr en is the mos t important job w e will e ver have. And rightly so . Our children deser ve the bes t start in lif e that we could possibly giv e them. Safe and inspiring, high quality b aby care products and ser vices are vital for making childhoods happy, not just for the kids, but also f ortheir parents and f amilies.

We are not merely suppliers of nec essities. We ar e inspirators and f acilitators, making the lives of p arents easier, more balanced and fulfilling. Everything we say, e verything we do, e verything we sell and e verything we recommend has one single purpose:helping mo thers and f athers take e ven better care of their lit tle ones. We inspire parents.